MBF Child Safety Matters Prevention Program

Check out this great video presented by the Monique Burr Foundation.

child safety matters

Harmony Home CAC is very happy to announce starting in September 2019 we are able to fulfill an additional role in helping to prevent Child Abuse throughout elementary schools in Odessa!  Thanks to local funding by United Way of Odessa we will now be helping youth know and understand the importance of Knowing Whats Up, Spotting Red Flags, Making A Move, Talking it Up and No Blame, No Shame when it comes to child abuse.  

The Monique Burr Foundation's Child Safety Matters evidence based curriculum is expert created, reviewed and supported. Presented in two lessons by trained facilitators in the classroom, Child Safety Matters provides students K-5th grade with the tools to recognize, prevent and respond appropriately to bullying, cyber-bullying and child abuse. If  you are a counselor, teacher or school administrator and are interested in scheduling a CSM lesson in your local elementary school, please complete the request form & contact Amanda Allen @ 432-333-5233 or Amanda@hhcac.org


Request Form

Child Safety Matters Request Form (pdf)