Forensic Interviews

 Prior to the existence of  Children’s Advocacy Centers, abused children had to relay their experience with multiple people several different times. Here at Harmony Home Children’s Advocacy Center, we believe in breaking a child's silence and healing their hurt with minimizing their trauma with one Forensic Interview.

Our Forensic Interviewers are specially trained to speak with children whom have experienced sexual, physical or emotional abuse or criminal neglect. Each interview is conducted with a narrative, non-leading approach in a neutral environment where children feel comfortable. The process is recorded and made accessible to investigating officials directly involved with the case, eliminating the need for repetition of a child's traumatic experience.

Family Advocacy

 Harmony Home's Family Advocates serve as the foundation for support and liaison for children and their non-offending caregivers. Advocates assist families with obtaining services from Harmony Home and local agencies. They work with families to help them understand social services, law enforcement and judicial systems, and how these systems may affect them.  Families that come to Harmony Home are able to continue receiving help from Family Advocates throughout the child abuse case and until the child(ren) turn 18 or graduate from High School. 


 Harmony Home offers Trauma Focused therapy to all child victims and their non-offending family members. Our Therapists are trained in Trauma Focused, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy through CACTX to better serve the children and adults seen at Harmony Home.  All can be done with one on one sessions or in support groups.  All children and their non-offending family members are encouraged to attend therapy to help enhance their coping skills and heal as a family from the abuse that has occurred.